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Assisted Living - Most Frequently Asked Questions I

Assisted living can be a great solution for people who would like to live independently, but still need a little additional help for several things. But you may have many questions while taking a vital step in your or a loved one's life. Here are some of the most important questions you have to consider if you are in search of a good assisted living facility:

What Is Assisted Living?

An assisted living facility, which is also known as an assisted living residence, is a housing facility that offers basic personal care for the residents and provides them with necessary support and assistance in daily living. Though an assisted living facility does not generally provide round-the-clock support to its residents, it can assist you or your loved one in all basic things.

Assisted living facilities typically provide the following for their residents:

  • An unfurnished apartment or bedroom with attached bathroom, kitchenettes, and balcony.
  • Assistance in everyday living activities including eating, toileting, bathing and dressing
  • Central dining program which includes three meals a day
  • Educational, exercise, and organized recreational activities
  • Medication administration and other health services
  • Laundry services
  • Wellness programs
  • Arrangements for transportation
  • 24-hour security

What Is Ambient Living?

Ambient living is assisted living intended to increase the welfare of residents with the use of technology that doesn't need much user input. For example, ambient living facilities use GPS devices to keep track of dementia patients and fully integrated 'smart homes' with devices for communication, fall prevention, and security. An ambient assisted facility not only addresses important issues including mobility, social interaction, and independence but also enhances the security, life quality, health and autonomy of senior residents. Ambient living can definitely be a great extension to services offered to the residents by an assisted living facility.

What are the major differences between autonomous and assisted living?

People who are looking for an ambient or assisted living facility often ask this question. An independent living facility just provides the residents with a space to live. It is not responsible for the care that the residents may need. But an assisted living facility provides its residents with all the basic personal care and assistance in daily activities including eating, toileting, bathing, and dressing.

What are the major differences between a nursing home and an assisted living facility?

Assisted living facilities are mainly intended for people who want to live independently but would not have to do tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Residents in an assisted living facility should be able to take care of themselves with assistance.

A nursing home is a homelike setting with almost all the advanced medical resources that you find at hospitals. Nursing homes provide round-the-clock nursing care and daily assistance to their residents. People who require constant care need the service of a nursing home. Therefore, you may choose between an assisted living facility and a nursing home for your loved one based on the level of care the resident needs.

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