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Austin TX Guide to Respite Care at Barton Hills Assisted Living

Adult Day Care, often known as Respite, or Temporary Care for seniors is designed to meet the health and social needs of those seniors in need of assistance while the primary caregiver is away. Planned activities provide a fun, supportive and cheerful environment for residents. Texas requires one trained staff member for every eight participants, with at least one licensed nurse on site at all times to meet clients' needs. All staff must be trained in common and proper disaster and evacuation procedures for situations like fire and other disasters within the first three months of their employment. Any staff member who self-administers medication, must be counseled at least once every 30 days by a member of the licensed nursing staff to determine the staff member's ability to properly perform the task.


Adult Day Care and Respite carediffer slightly in that where adult day care implies participation for only part of a day, respite care is designed to include assisted living service for longer than a portion of the day but on a temporary basis, like weekend, or week, etc. Respite care can become more involved in the administration of its services because the care can last across multiple days or longer. Most good Adult Day Care and Respite Care facilitieswill be equipped to handle individualized care to match a clients individual needs. Both offer a professional care environment, where adults needing assistance with daily activities, those fighting Alzheimer's or dementia, can be supervised in a safe place outside of the home, until the primary caregiver returns. All this is done in a community based group environment. Many assisted living facilities in Austin TX, like Barton Hills Assisted Living, offer these adult day careand respite care services as an extension of the same services they provide other residents on more of a long-term basis.


There are several models of Adult Day Care Centers and Respite Care Facilities, and some are a combination of one or more of these types.


  1. Medical health Model - offers both social and more advanced health services for seniors
  2. Specialized Model - offers services to individuals who require a specific type of care like dementia or alzheimer's.
  3. Social Model - provides social activities, meals and a few health services.


When considering adult day care or respite care in Austin TX for your loved one, find out details about which one of these services they provide and what's included. And certainly contact a staff member at Barton Hills Assisted Living should you have any questions.


  1. Social Activities
  2. Personal Care
  3. Physical, social and emotional therapy
  4. Meals, beverages and snacks
  5. Transportation


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