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Finding Great Elderly Care in Austin, TX

The rate at which Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s is increasing rapidly in the United States. Although many scientists and researchers are working fastidiously there is no cure in sight for Dementia/Alzheimer’s just yet. reports that there are 5.7 million Americans currently living with Alzheimer’s and estimate that by 2050 the number of persons with Alzheimer’s is projected to rise to nearly 14 million.

The number of elderly residents in Austin has been increasing over the years and as such the percentage of Austin residents with Alzheimer’s has also increased. A senior with memory impairment and or dementia needs specialized and proper care. Here at Barton Hills Assisted Living we treat our residents like family and take important steps to providing the necessary services required to have a high quality of life. Our Austin elderly care community provides 24-hour attendant supervision, assistance with grooming, bathing, and dressing, medication monitoring, housekeeping, laundry services, and importantly social and recreational activities. Lastly each resident lives in a private to semi-private room and received three hot nutritious meals per day.

Caring for a senior with memory impairments can be stressful. Austin Elderly care centers try to make the transition to assisted living pleasant for both the family and the new resident. In an empathetic ambiance with therapies, exercises and recreational activities the senior feels comfortable in their new environment. Group exercises and therapies allow residents to get to know their peers and form new social relationships. Studies have shown that cultivating and maintaining social relationships is crucial to a high quality of life which then increases longevity.

If you are thinking about transitioning, you or a loved one to Assisted Living in Austin or near Austin contact Barton Hills Assisted Living. We are family owned and operated, we care deeply for each senior that comes through our doors. Take a tour today to see what life can be like.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 6/15/2018

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