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Health Concerns for Aging Parents in Austin TX

Warning Signs for Long-Distance Caregivers


The National Institute on Aging estimates there are 7 million US citizens who fall under the category of a long distance caregiver. It's common to see elderly seniors in Austin TX with adult children providing care for mom and dad while living out of state or even another country. Our mobile and transportive society has created a culture where many families are separated by long distances.


Living far away from elderly parent in Austin Texas, however, one that you only see a few times per year, can have its benefits. If you are the far away from the aging senior, you are probably more equipped to pick up on warning signs than other family members who live close by and see the parent on a regular basis. Many of the signs below are common reasons people in Austin TX choose senior living options like assisted living communities.


Several Things to Keep an Eye Out for With an Elderly Parent


Your Senior Parent Seems Depressed

Is your parent sleeping a lot more or less than usual? Have they experienced a recent death of a close loved one, perhaps a partner? Have they lost interest to participate in things that used to enjoy, or have they come less social?


They've Noticeably Lost Weight

Weight loss isn't always a bad thing, but it could be a sign of something serious like heart issues, dementia, cancer, or severe decrease in energy.


They are Not Well-kept Anymore, Particularly Their Hygiene

Is it obvious that your parent hasn't showered in several days? This might be indicative that the bathtub or shower is too difficult to manage, and there are too embarrassed to say anything. If your mom or dad always seemed put together in the past, but have now let themselves go, this significant change in their personal hygiene could be more of an indirect cry for help.


The House is Messy.

Your parent might have once kept their house neat and tidy but, like their personal hygiene, they've not cared for it as of late. Telltale signs include dishes piled in the sink, piles of dirty laundry, plates and dishes laying around the living room, expired food in the refrigerator and more.


They Seem Increasingly Fragile

Do common daily tasks like dressing, cooking, moving around, going to the bathroom and bathing seem more burdensome than usual?


If you notice any of these signs, you should speak to your love one before making any rash actions. Chances are, your loved one desires independence more than your assistance. However an appointment with their doctor would be worth scheduling and if they'll let you, attend it with them. If these issues become of increasing concern, you should talk to your doctor about the possibility of assisted living in Austin.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 2/16/2017

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