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How Do People Pay for Assisted Living in Austin Texas?

The cost of assisted living in Texas is a bit lower than the national average. In 2016, assisted living in the US cost an average of $3600 per month. Memory care for residents with Alzheimer's and dementia cost an additional $1150 per month. Austin Texas is a favorite among seniors to spend the latter years of their lives, as it is amazing city, full of both an abundant and weird culture. Cities like Austin and San Antonio average between $4000 - $4600 a month for assisted living care. Adults with aging parents often find it difficult to care for the needs of their senior parents. Paying for assisted living and assisted care in the right Austin TX assisted living facility can help ensure that loved ones will be cared for as they need and deserve.

Most Americans pay for assisted living costs out of pocket. It's most common for average Americans to pay for their fees at an assisted living community with a combination of pensions, savings, social security, and help from friends and family. Some seniors leverage their home's value to pay for their assisted living. Some even take advantage of the benefits of a long-term care insurance policy.

Does Medicare Pay for Assisted Living?

The short answer is no. Medicare doesn't pay for any room and board or personal care or assisted living services in Austin or any other Texas city. However, if a resident incurs medical expenses at an assisted living community, those may be covered by Medicare just like they would be covered if provided in a doctors office hospital or at home.

Does Medicaid Cover Assisted Living Costs?

A resident in any state can use Medicaid to cover long-term nursing home care. In Texas if you meet specific criteria you may qualify for one of two programs that offer payment by Medicaid for residence at an Austin TX assisted-living facility or another senior living community in Texas. You must show that a nursing home is medically necessary for you. For more information about the community-based alternative (CBA) Medicaid or Star Plus Medicaid waiver services, contact your local Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services Office.

If your family chooses to pay for assisted living out of their savings, they must realize that they are pulling from diminishing resources. Eligibility for assistance is based on ones current individual resources. The more depleted your financial resources at anytime, the greater the chance of qualifying for available financial assistance. It's important to develop a financial plan to best help forecast the pros and cons of your situation and formulate a plan of action for both the short term and long term.

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