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How to Encourage Your Aging Loved One to Move into Assisted Living

Telling a senior family member about moving to a senior care center, such as an assisted living facility, is one of the most difficult things to do. The thought of leaving the place where they have been living for decades could severely hurt the elderly.

Though no one wants to leave their home, most assisted living residents say their perspective changed after making the move. Most of them wish they had moved sooner! Many of them were not aware of assisted living and many had several misconceptions about the life in an assisted living community.

Several reasons your elderly parents are likely to give for not willing to move into assisted living may be mere misconceptions. These misconceptions can be dispelled by beginning discussions early and properly planning ahead. Here are some concerns your parents may raise when they are asked to move into assisted living:

Misconceptions about Assisted Living

It is full of sick people

Many people don't have sufficient knowledge about assisted living. You must tell your parents that assisted living communities are not like nursing homes where most of the residents are bed-ridden. Assisted living facilities are for people who want to live an independent lifestyle while receiving some help with their activities of daily living.

I will lose independence

Most seniors don't know that assisted living facilities will provide them with an individual apartment where they can live an independent life while receiving necessary assistance with basic activities of daily living. In good assisted living facilities, residents will hardly feel they've left home.

I will be isolated from relatives and longtime friends

Many seniors think the move to an assisted living facility will cause them to be isolated from close friends. They often forget the fact that they are isolated already. Living at home can be isolating if they are alone and are no longer able to drive to visit relatives and friends. The life will be far more interesting in an assisted living community.

Ways to encourage your elderly parents to move into assisted living

Visit a few assisted living communities

Assisted living centers are open 24/7 and potential residents can visit these communities anytime, but it's always a good idea to schedule a guided tour to make the most of your visit. Visitors are allowed to join in senior activities offered by the facilities. This will help your parents understand that moving into assisted living can add more fun to their life and substantially improve their life quality. As the vibe of each community can be different, it is always better to visit quite a few assisted living facilities so that you can choose the best fit for your loved ones. By taking your parents to a few good communities, you can significantly change their perception of assisted living.

Help the assisted living staff get to know your loved ones

When you visit an assisted living community with your elderly parents, use the opportunity to help the staff members learn about them. This will be helpful for the staff to develop a good relationship with your parents.

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Posted by Barton Hills Senior Livinig on 3/18/2018

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