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How to Know When It's Time for Assisted Living?

Moving a loved one into an assisted living facility could be the toughest decision you may ever have to make. Assisted living facilities are for elderly people who are still autonomous and fairly healthy, but need help in certain daily activities. It is a fact that we can't compare the services offered by an assisted living facility with the care and support given by a family member. However, when the family members are not able to help their loved one due to their busy schedules, they have no way other than choosing a good assisted living facility or nursing home. Some studies say more than 70 percent U.S. citizens will need the service of an assisted living facility at some point in the final years of their lives. Though the decision is hard, the move into an assisted living facility may be lifesaving for your loved ones as it can increase their safety and improve their life quality.

Signs indicating it's time to move your loved one(s) to an assisted living facility

To realize that a loved one requires an assisted living facility is an integral part of assisting them in maintaining physical as well as mental health in their final years. When people who don't have the ability to care for themselves live alone, they are at a high risk of accidents, injury, failure to stick to the medication regimen, and malnutrition.

If you feel it's time for your loved one to move to an assisted living arrangement, there are a number of signs to watch out for:


Bruising on a regular basis

If you see bruising in an elderly, it is an indication that he/she is falling repeatedly. It means your loved one is unable to get things done independently and there is no one to help him/her out in your absence.


Mood variations

Mood changes often indicate that the elderly are not being administered the medication they need on time.


Change in eating habits

If you see significant changes in the eating habits of an elderly, it may be indicating that he/she is not at all comfortable with the living environment.


Neglecting personal care

If your loved one is neglecting care, it may be indicating they know that they are not receiving the support and personal care they need.


Declining cognitive senses

If your loved one shows an overall decline in basic cognitive senses such as memory and attention, it means they need better care and support and it's time to move them to an assisted living home.

If your loved one shows the above signs, it is safe to assume that he/she is not getting the support and care necessary to get through his/her day-to-day tasks and it's time to put him/her in an assisted living facility.

Posted by Barton Hills Elderly Care in Austin on 8/24/2017

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