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Concerns to Look for When Choosing an Assisted Living Facility

The society believes stay in an assisted living facility is an inevitable fate that happens when there is nobody else in a family to care for an elderly. They also have many fears about such senior care facility. However, as a matter of fact, many of these concerns are inaccurate.

Here are some common concerns people have about assisted living:

Worry of being bored

Seniors often worry that they have to lead a boring life in a senior care facility in the absence of friends and relatives. But with the amenities and activities offered by assisted living communities, there is actually no time for boring. Now-a-days, assisted living facilities offers almost everything including field trips, outdoor excursions, fitness classes, and many other social activities.

Worry about affordability

You may think how you can afford the assisted living costs. With some help from VA or Social Security benefits, assisted living may not be as expensive as you imagine.

Worry about lack of care

Many seniors worry if they would be cared for properly if they are staying at an assisted living facility. Good assisted living centers have professional staff members who are well-experienced in senior care. In fact, they can provide you more advanced care than you were getting in your home.

Worry about elder abuse and neglect

Elderly abuse and neglect are not uncommon now-a-days. However, good assisted living facilities do strict background checks before appointing employees. Anyone with a criminal history won’t be hired as a staff member. Before sending your loved one to senior care facility, make sure that no elderly abuse cases have been reported about it.

Worry of losing independence

Many people think older adults can’t have an independent life at senior care facilities. However, assisted living facilities help older adults live as independent as possible, while providing all necessary assistance with their activities of daily living (ADL). To make their independent life further happier, assisted living facilities provide their residents sufficient opportunity for social activities. Residents are also provided with transportation to appointments, cultural events and shopping.

Worry of losing control over daily activities

Moving to another residence together with letting go of several long-held habits could hurt older adults. However, good assisted living facilities provide the residence enough privacy and independence while offering them safety and security. Therefore, choosing an assisted living facility is actually an essential and freeing step for older adults as well as their families.

Worry of missing friends and loved ones

When leaving home anyone would be worried of being alone, especially if they have strong relationships that they value so much. Anyway, moving to an assisted living facility does not mean that you are going to lose all those relationships. Good assisted living centers not only value your relationships but also provide you with new opportunities for social contact.

Worry of medication administration

People often worry if they will be administered their medication on time if they move to an assisted living facility. However, good facilities are aware of the medications to be taken by each resident and have a highly organized system to store and administer them.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 9/20/2017

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