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The Austin Texas Guide to Moving Elderly Parents Into Assisted Living

Studies show that almost 3/4 of Americans will require assisted living at some level towards the end of their life. Some assisted-living communities in Austin offer more of a more social model, where assisted care is offered at a lighter level, with a heavy emphasis on activities and amenities. The social model was designed for seniors who are quite independent and fairly healthy but need assistance with daily activities like bathing, dressing, meal planning, medication reminders and more. One of the hardest decisions a person may face in their life is the reality of their need for assisted care. Often, they need the help and support of loved ones and medical providers to help them decide their best senior living option. Austin, Texas is home to quite a number of different senior living communities, all offering varying level of services, lifestyle, amenities, and living environments.


Recognizing the Need for Assisted Living

The first step in transitioning an elderly parent into assisted living in Austin Texas is recognizing key signs of aging that require assisted care. If you can identify with any of the signs below, it's best to begin the search for your parent's next step.


Your Parents Have Become Increasingly Fragile.


If a sudden health scare like slipping and falling causes a moderate to serious injury, assisted living should be first on your mind. Most assisted-livingfacilities monitor residents on a regular basis to ensure those who are at risk for a fall get help immediately and are not isolated. Other signs of fragility include sudden weight loss, difficulty getting in and out of a chair, trouble going up and down stairs, navigating around furniture, and frequent loss of balance.


Your Loved One Doesn't Seem to Know Their Way Around As Well Anymore.


When your loved one gets disoriented in a familiar location or environment, they get into a fender bender due to an attention lapse, or they've gotten lost on their way home, you should speak to their doctor about onset signs of dementia. Assisted living facilities have a great programs and services for seniors suffering from issues related to memory loss, offered through their memory care programs.


Mom or Dad Has Trouble Performing Certain Common Daily Tasks


If you notice that your parents have stopped keeping up with the yard, cooking for themselves, letting groceries expire and not shopping for anything new and fresh, or doing simple housekeeping tasks, assisted living could be a perfect solution for them. Assisted living staff can also help with more private activities with personal hygiene such as showering and using the bathroom.


Living in an assisted living community in Austin Texas is a great way to provide your loved one with social interaction with friends their own age, as well as meet their greatest needs with assistance with activities for daily living. It's rarely easy to start the conversation with your loved one but they might be in a safer place and environment that can provide them an increased quality of life.

Posted by Barton Hills Assisted Living in Austin on 1/12/2017

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