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Understanding the Importance of Senior Caregiver Respite

Being a caregiver for a senior is no small undertaking. Caregivers often feel stress since they also live with the person they're caring for, and can't seem to find time for a physical, spiritual or emotional break. You might be surprised the relief a caregiver feels just to have a day off.

Respite care in Austin at places like an adult Day Care, residential facility or assisted living community provides caregivers a range of benefits to know their loved one is being cared for the way they should be.

  • The Aging Senior is supervised in a social environment surrounded by friends and companions.

  • The Loved one will receive assistance with the activities for daily living they might require – things like bathing, dressing, exercising, medication reminders, toileting, meal preparation and more.

  • Help with laundry and diaper services

  • Help and licensed, skilled care for medication administration and other medical services by qualified staff

How Long Can a Caregiver Take Respite?

Respite care in Austin Texas can last anywhere from an overnight stay to a few days, a few weeks, or even a month or more. The respite care services are typically paid for out-of-pocket and are not covered by Medicare or insurance.

The Benefits of Respite Care to a Caregiver

  • Community Involvement - respite care allows caregivers the opportunity to become involved and active in the community and avoid isolation.

  • Personal Enjoyment - respite care gives caregivers freedom to enjoy activities and fun adventures. Really, just time to do whatever they want.

  • Improved Stability - as a caregiver, constant care for your loved one can create instability in other areas of your life - things related to daily responsibilities besides caring for your loved one.

  • Strengthened Family - spending all your time caring for an aging senior can put a toll on your family. Respite care lowers the pressure on the family from potential byproducts of a strained family - things like divorce, neglect and other family struggles.

If you, as the caregiver, want to avoid burnout, you should consider regular respite care at a community like Barton Hills Assisted Living. While you are trying to care for your loved one, you shouldn't suffer from the imbalance of neglecting yourself and others around you. Caregiver burnout can lead to difficulty sleeping, irritability, depression, developing health problems, or exacerbating current health issues.

You should consider a respite care facility in Austin Texas. Choosing respite care at an assisted living facility provides your loved one the opportunity to receive the proper level of care and compassion they may not get from an independent person or other service, and gives you, the caregiver, a much needed break.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 6/1/2017

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