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The Difference Between Nursing Homes and Assisted living in Austin

Let's Compare Nursing Homes Versus Assisted Living.


In recent years senior living has closed the gap in many differences between assisted living and nursing home care. However, the differences may overlap in some ways but you can most often tell the difference between a nursing home and assisted living community by the types of residents they serve. Assisted living facilities are for senior residents who are more independent and in better physical health, while nursing homes typically cater to residents who require 24 hour round the clock supervision and nursing care. More and more seniors who are physically healthy, are being diagnosed with cognitive ailments, so many assisted living communities have added memory care units to their facilities.


Austin Texas Assisted Living

Assisted living was created for seniors who enjoy doing most things on their own but may require assistance with certain activities that come as a result of the aging process. This could include help with bathing, dressing, meal planning and daily chores. Many seniors, however, enjoy the social interaction with other seniors and the freedom from housekeeping chores, and meal preparation most. In this setting residents typically live in a private or semi-private apartment with easy access to amenities like dining, game rooms, theater rooms, walking trails, exercise areas and more. Medicare and Medicaid don't cover the cost for assisted living however many states including Texas have certain programs that help low income and qualifying residents cover the cost of assisted living.


Austin Texas Nursing Homes

Nursing homes offer seniors more advanced supervised care. These facilities are staffed with licensed nurses 24 hours a day. Many have both registered nurses and certified nursing assistants on their resident care team. The best candidates for a nursing home include those who have serious injuries, those who have severe impaired mobility and those who need an acute level of memory care. You'll find that nursing homes typically cost more than assisted living facilities because of the type of assistance that is needed. Converse to assisted living funding, if a resident qualifies, their nursing stay costs can be covered by Medicaid. Because of this, nursing homes are regulated by the federal government.


It's best to speak to your doctor and medical providers to determine the type and level of assistance your loved one needs.

Posted by Barton Hills Assisted Living in Austin on 11/7/2016

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