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Which is better for parents as they age, home or assisted living?

As they age, most elderly people prefer to remain in their own homes. However, one of the major risks is the lack of social contact and possible injury. Even if there is a caregiver to assist them in their activities of daily living, still there will be a lack of connection to peers, fun and excitement.

Loneliness and isolation are so widespread among elderly people. It often begins with the loss of a spouse. Things become worse when it combines with physical issues such as decreased vision and hearing, loss of ability to drive etc. In such situations, elderly people don't have many chances for social engagements as in the days when they were younger.

Additionally, as lonely elderly persons are in a vulnerable position, dishonest people may take advantage of them. 

So, what can you do to protect your elderly parents from all these problems? The best way is to move them into assisted living.

Reasons to consider assisted living 

Of course, for all elderly people, their own home is the most comfortable place. Therefore, most of us won't think about moving them to an assisted facility as long as they are able to live a normal and independent life. Here are the top reasons why people consider assisted living for their elderly loved ones:

  • An elderly person living alone in a home and need someone to help them with their activities of daily living such as bathing, getting dressed, toileting, housekeeping etc.
  • Preparing meals becomes hard for the elderly and they are not getting sufficient nutrition. When going to a grocery store and preparing meals become a burden for the elderly and hiring an in-home caregiver is not feasible, people often consider a senior care center such as an assisted living facility.
  • When elderly people develop memory problems and start forgetting necessary things such as taking medication, home becomes an unsafe place for them. Mismanagement of medication could lead to health complications. The best way to avoid this is to move the elderly to a suitable assisted living community.
  • When a spouse dies, the surviving one may feel lonely. Lonely life together with loss of some independence could lead to isolation and depression. To avoid this, you can consider moving the elderly to an assisted living center where your loved one will get plenty of opportunities to socialize and to participate in a variety of interesting activities.
  • People consider assisted living when their elderly loved ones' well-being and safety are at risk. If your senior family member is prone to falls, is leaving dangerous appliances on due to memory issues, or is unable to climb the stairs, home is no longer a safe place for him or her. You must consider moving him or her to a good assisted living facility.
  • When driving to appointments and managing other responsibilities become overwhelming for your elderly parents, you must think about moving them to a reputable assisted living facility.
Posted by Sitebox Admin on 10/25/2017

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