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Elderly Care in Austin TX at Barton Hills Assisted Living

Elderly Care in Austin TXThe upmost priority of caring for the elderly should be a core principle of any one coming in contact with seniors on a regular basis, and those working in the senior care industry. Austin Texas is home to many facilities, agencies and organizations who are seeking to better the lives of those needing elderly care. Barton Hills Assisted Living is no exception. Designed with the purpose of creating a home like environment, Barton Hills addresses many of the needs and desires, of those needing assistance for their elderly loved one,face.

Since we hire the best caring staff in the senior care industry, residents have advocates for their needs, friends, caregivers and companions. Our social environment fosters relationships between new and old friends, with activities for all to enjoy and nurture lasting relationships. Everything from the building design to the programs we create, Barton Hills Assisted Living sets the standard for elderly care in Austin Texas. Our mission is to provide quality of care to all seniors, who deserve the best life possible at a time when they need it most.

Many families of the elderly and seniors alike wish to enjoy the comforts of home but are unable to meet their needs on their own. Aging is inevitable, and even though many seniors are living more independent longer, there comes a time when assistance with activities for daily living become too burdensome without the help of a professional. These include help with bathing, dressing, eating, incontinence care, or the need for active 24 hour monitoring. Trust the love and care of a home away from home like Barton Hills Assisted Living, an industry leader in Austin Texas for elderly care.

Each resident staying at Barton Hills receives a person-centered focused approach to their care, with an individualized plan to support their dignity, and maintain their best quality of life. It has been the goal of our elderly care since the beginning to help the seniors remain as independent for as long as possible. We handle all of the housekeeping and laundry, transferring, transportation, meal preparation, friendly medication reminders and more.

As a caregiver, you want to make sure your loved one is receiving the best possible care, filled with compassion and love. And that's what sets us apart and Barton Hills, we believe and treat each resident like they are our family.


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