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Gone are the days where Americans slowed down at age 65, sitting on a porch watching the rest of life go by. Most adults are now living well into their 70s and 80s, and are enjoying a superior quality of life deserved by everyone. When the inevitable aging process begins to take its toll on one’s physical body, assisted senior living is a great advantage. Among multiple senior living lifestyles, Austin TX is a great city to accommodate them. Though there are a myriad options and levels of senior living in Austin, and one thing remains true, all seniors deserve independence and a vibrant quality of life as long as possible. These days the term "senior” can be used to describe someone in their 50s or a spry person in their 80s. When someone is faced with preparing for their retirement or with a decision to engage an senior living provider like Barton Hills Assisted Living, it’s important to make decisions both in the person’s own best interest, and desired lifestyle.

A great place to visit and tour is one that offers the right range of senior services and care to meet your needs. If you are in need of independent living or assisted living, a community like Barton Hills is a must see. Our staff encourages and empowers residents to live life at their desired level of independence on their own terms, while providing the assistance they need. We designed our programs to make our senior living residents’ lives as easy as possible. Our residential home provides a continuum of care with our private and semi private rooms, our wonderful assisted living and skilled nursing care, while offering seniors the opportunity to maintain their active and independent lifestyle. The caring staff accommodate our residents’ requirements with assistance in bathing, eating, dressing, laundry and linen, friendly medication reminders and more.

One of the great features of our community is our vibrant social scene. From the many games, activities and events in our home, to the local scene in the area, Barton Hills is perfectly nestled in an active environment for seniors to thrive. Additionally, our chef-prepares three meals per day to satisfy your savory tastebuds and designed to meet your dietary needs. Enjoy a life filled with comfort, enriched with relationships, in our all-inclusive life. Come taste true senior living in Austin TX at Barton Hills Assisted Living.


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